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Saturday, February 27th, 2016
9:22 am - Harry Potter?Severus Snape fanfic search
I am looking for two different stories:

1. Harry and Snape are both teaching at Hogwarts serving detentions for fighting with each other and end up together.  Harry and Serverus create a new branch of magic that bonds with a persons core called something like incorrigible.  Written with a mix of current story and excerpts from books.

2. Harry's luck is just crazy, there's a scene with Harry and Severus sharing a bath and a special cube fills the tub up like Bertie Bott's.  Harry gets champagne, Severus gets guacamole.


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Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
6:19 pm - Where Did Her Joy Go?

Where Did Her Joy Go?


How do I communicate when my problem is communication? I want to tell my superior that her negativity turns every criticism into a harsh blow. I want to tell her that perfunctory explanations that lead to imperfect products are her fault not mine. I want to tell her that her frowns and “I don't knows....” are worse than a student who bites, kicks, screams and curses at me. That I dread walking into her room, that I smile less and talk quieter, without enthusiasm. The atmosphere around her stifles creativity, joy and laughter. I want to tell her that I am more than a copier and a clipboard carrier, but I don't. I get quieter, I smile even less and look forward to my time with the child who bites, kicks, screams and curses at me, because at lest some of the time he will smile, laugh and tell me he loves me.

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Sunday, April 4th, 2010
2:59 pm - Fine Spring Day (poem)
A Fine Spring Day

A sudden spring breeze, that cool blast of air
this summer day is beautiful and fair.

Where did the summer heat and beating sun fly?
For these low flying clouds that fill the sky.

We must celebrate now this beautiful day
for soon the southern sun will chase it away.

There is no more time for poetry only for play
so come out now, and join me I say!

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Monday, December 28th, 2009
9:49 pm - Fic: The Judgement

Title: Judgement

Summary: How I would have written “the Tyrant”

Rating: FR-15 for graphic images

AN: this is unbeta'd and on a personal note—has anyone else noticed that the only way Chase actually would have managed to kill Debala is if House was wrong? I mean all he did was fake a test result that guaranteed Debala got treated with what House thought he had. How do we know Debala didn't have it? Just a thought.

<lj-cut text=" I left part of myself buried in that endless nightmare pit">


Foreman, Cameron and Chase were all circled around Cuddy's desk. Cuddy had been talking for a while after handing them the patient files. She was obviously avoiding a sensitive topic about the patient and Chase was flipping through the patient file to determine what it was when he spotted the name at the top of the file. “Debala.” Chase barely spoke above a whisper but everybody stopped mid breath at the amount of emotion in it. The file dropped from Chase's loose fingers and time seemed to freeze for a moment. For one second which drew out for eternity it was like a scene from a western and if House were there he would break the tension with a crack about rattle snakes or tumble weed, but he wasn't there and the tension drew out and Chase broke first. He dashed from the room with the others on his heels.


Instead of waiting for the the elevator Chase dashed down the stairs taking them two or three at a time. He slowed when exiting the stairwell and this gave the others time to catch up. They had just reached the door to Debala's room when they heard Chase speak, “I will not treat you. And I will encourage every doctor in this hospital to not treat you as well.”


Debala stared from the bed eyes clear and hard, “you hate me so much?”


“If I were to responsible for judging you, you would be burning in hell right now, but I am not so arrogant as to assume God's position.”


Debala waved off his entourage that moved to remove Chase from the room. “And what do you judge me guilty of?”


Chase stared, he eyes hard and cold, as if there was no warmth in his soul at all has he stared down at Debala. “A few years ago, after I graduated from medical school I volunteered with the Red Cross-”


“In my country?” Debala interrupted.


“No, your country was too unstable, but on a flight to a new location the plane had a mechanical problem and had to put down. There was a guerrilla force there, probably an accident. They pulled us from the plane. I watch-” Chase's voice hitched and his eyes melted a little before hardening again, “watched as they shot everyone that was on the plane. I managed to get away. I traveled south. I knew that if I could get to South Africa I would be okay.


“I had been walking for days when the stench hit me. It was awful. Overwhelming. It was the stench of hundreds of bodies rotting together.” Chase stared intently, his eyes and voice the only thing that was steady on him as he shook all over. “You can't describe a smell like this. If you tried, you would have to describe it with words like misery, hopelessness or wretchedness. It felt like I was standing there for hours when I hears a faint cry.” Chase stood there some how strong looking despite the shakes and the silent tears that fell unnoticed from his eyes. “It was a 12 year old girl. She had been raped and beaten and tossed into the pit of bodies without being dead. I climbed down into that pit of death and putrid essence and then up a pile of rotting, broken corpses and pulled her broken body to mine and held her as she died of septic shock.” Chase paused and took two deep breaths and leaned in his voice tight and his eyes unblinking. “If there is any kind of God you will spend an entirety climbing that rotted mountain of bodies, because I left part of myself buried in that endless nightmare pit.”


Debala seemed unmoved by the speech even though every other persons eyes at least watered, and Cameron was out right crying with little hiccups. “You do not wish to kill me?”


Chase exhaled, a slow release of air that sounded like tire running flat. “I cannot sit in judgment of you for past crimes. I could only act in the prevention of future crimes.” Chase stood from his stooped over confrontational position and turned to Debala's entourage, “I recommend that you take Debala to his own doctors as I will tell every person who will listen this story in an attempt to form a treatment strike. While I cannot condone killing him, I also cannot consider treating him, nor can I encourage anyone else to do so either.” With that Chase spun on his heel and strode from the room and everyone parted before him, only Cameron reached out a hand to stop, or perhaps join him, but Chase was either blind to it or ignored it. Cuddy was not unmoved from Chase's story which provoked much stronger emotions than simply staring at a two dimensional picture or the flat words of a reporter.


“I think you should follow his advice.”


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Saturday, August 8th, 2009
10:27 pm - Health Care Reform
Reading a friend's livejournal she had a great idea of sending letters and mail to Congress about health care.  Now I've already been doing that, my very republican representative's staff basically recognize my voice at this point.  Once I actually had one of them tell to stop calling because it wasn't going to matter.  I have been in contact about the health care issue, but I like how this post is organized and it has some great ideas of how to streamline the process, so I recommend everybody read and do what they can.

Auburn said:

</a></b></a>caorann  had a pretty nifty idea that I'd love to see take hold and the only way for it to do that is for many of us to take part and that requires finding out about it, so with her permission I'm copying her post here (just in case you don't want to click the link to her post, which is on both LJ and DW.)

I've got to say, I think if enough of us did this -- I'm going with the snail mail, physical object filling up the mail bags and the mail room option -- I think the news media would pick it up eventually.

</a></b></a>caorann  says:
I just thought of an idea to create some push back on these crazy anti-health care reform activists. It doesn't involve making signs with swastikas, or shouting at people until you're blue in the face, or making threatening phone calls. There's no need to sink to their level. No, all it requires is some stamps, envelopes, paper and... band-aids.

We're fans. We've all heard and perhaps even been a part of one of those fan campaigns to save a show. I've sent faxes and helped shut down Paramount's phone lines for a day. People have sent peanuts, and hot sauce, and god knows what. Why not do the same with health care reform?

Just start sending senators and representatives band-aids with a short letter telling them that you support health care reform and why. Give them a few details about what you support, like a public option, universal health insurance, etc. If you have one, tell them a story about how the current health care system failed you or someone you care about. Tell them a little bit about yourself, the kind of things that pollsters want to hear- age, education, occupation, as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Don't forget to put your address and contact info. Then put the letter in the mail with a stamp. Send one to each of your elected officials. If you feel inspired, send one to every member of the committees working on the legislation too. If you really feel ambitious, send one to every member of Congress. There's only 535 of them. It's easy, it's cheap, and I think it would be effective.

I also thought that you could send an email instead, with the same info and a picture of a ban-aid. I looked on the Google but I haven't been able to find any that are in the public domain. Anyone interested in taking a picture of a band-aid? Or maybe 2 band-aids crossed over in an X?

Sending letters and emails serves a purpose. Using a gimmick like a band-aid gives it more punch. People notice things like that. It creates interest, it gets media attention, it makes your letter or email stand out from the thousands that they receive.

The political hacks, cranks and lobbyists have been creating Astroturf movements. Let's create a real grassroots movement. We've done it to save TV shows. We can do it to save millions of people from going bankrupt due to medical bills. We can do it to get millions of uninsured people coverage so they can afford to get the treatment they need. We can do it to get a public option that will push the health insurance companies to treat their customers better. But most importantly, we can do it today before the health care industry manages to kill any chance of creating a better health care system in America.

Further Info:

You can find out who your Rep in the House is here, and then there's a form to write them an email. You can also get their snail mail address on this website. Just click on 'House Directory' to the left after you've found your Rep. You can look them up alphabetically. You can find out who your Senators are here, and it will give you links to their websites.

Committees- The links will take you to Wikipedia pages showing the current members of the committees, complete with links to their Wiki pages showing their districts and web pages.

House Committees- the House has already passed a bill, but their going to have to argue with the Senate over what ends up in the final bill. They need some encouragement.

Ways & Means
Education & Labor
Energy & Commerce

Senate Committees- These are the guys who are really dragging their feet. They're also threatening to get rid of a public option, which would compete with the health insurance companies and force them to lower their rates.

Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP)- No really, it's called that!

Let me know what you think, and if you do send a letter, please comment here about it. Power to the People!

I really like this idea. I want to make a band-aid cross on my letter and finish with a little motto. We want health care reform that's more than a Band-Aid on the problem!

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
6:50 pm - A new contest post!
So I've been entering these HP Magic Giveaway contests to win some computers instead of rewriting each time I thought I'd go on the record as to what I plan to do with every item and from this point forward who I have entered to win.

I will be graduating this December from the University of Georgia with a degree in science education (and I'm just so darn excited about it!) and about half of the prizes I plan to take to my biology classroom (classes start Jan 7th!)  I will be down in Wayne County (South Georgia--practically it's own state considering how very different it is from those liberal NORTHERN counties).  Most of South Georgia is really poor, it's basically the armpit of America.  It's face meltingly hot in the summer where it's 85% humidity and degrees at three AM.  There quite a bit of sulfur down there (making the water taste funny and the air stink--but produces those famous Vidalia onions).  But those students deserve a great education too.  I don't have worry nearly as much about violence in schools (the school system I substitute in right now has guards with guns in the elementary schools).  I think my teaching style would fit in very well down there.  A whole of the population (about 60%) make their money from hobby farms which fits with my very...organic teaching style.  I used to be a horticulture major and I just love how the knowledge in the classroom translates into the world around us.  I want to bring scientific thought and process to every day life. 

My second goal in teaching is bring cross-curriculum come hell or high water.   Cross-curriculum is tying music, poetry and essays to science.  I plan to have a project where each student has to read a science fiction book and do a report that must compare the science in the book with the real science.  I also have warm-ups planned everyday and on Wensdays this will be a science poems.  Some of the authors are Federico Garcia Lorca, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, John Haines and George Bradley.  I feel so very strongly that the lack of crossover in the subjects makes us more compartmentalized as a culture.

Now about how this prize package would help in my quest of learning and education?  Well the HP mini would become the science department's computer used in the field for data collection.  There would be a sign up sheet so that all the classes could share the wealth (though I plan to try and be out in the field at least once a week on average).  Another laptop will be in my computerless classroom for student use.

I am also very excited about the printer and photo packages.  I firmly believe that grades are not the only way to evaluate student progress.  Portfolios are a much better way to show student knowledge.  The student offers artifacts and reflections on their quest to learn a topic.  Pictures are a very important part of this process.  They are taken to help show live action artifacts or artifacts that are too big such as insect collections.

My mother (who is retiring and planning to travel) will get one of the laptops, the premium one (she's worth it--trust me).  I admit that I really really want the TouchSmart for myself (I have no TV and this sounds like an awesome upgrade to viewing movies on my laptop).  I think the student-teacher Microsoft office goes without speaking and the movies will all be donated to Toys for Tots.  I would be happy to send pictures of everybody getting their prizes (and my new tricked out classroom!) as proof if I win.  Please help me tech my room!

So item by item break down:


HP TouchSmart IQ816 PC  Keeping for myself (yes I know I do feel a little guilty)
HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC Giving to momma (she really, really is worth it)
HP MediaSmart Connect Going to my new school
HP Pavilion dv4 series Entertainment Notebook PC (with Windows Live) going to my sister (who will give me her current laptop for my classroom)
HP Mini 1000 (with XP) going to my classroom for field work


HP Photosmart C6380 Wireless AIO (printer) Classroom (yeah!)
• HP 564 Photo Value Pak Classroom (double yay!)


• Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate/Home Premium or Microsoft Windows XP pre-installed on all units (Mini 1000 runs XP) Classroom
• Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition 2007 (Student-Teacher Edition) – 1 DVD with 3 licenses say it with me--classroom
• Microsoft Windows Live classroom
Corel VideoStudio X2   the classroom  (woot woot!)


Kung Fu Panda (2 widescreen DVDs; 1 widescreen Blu-ray disc)  Okay I have to admit I'm not sure where I'd give this maybe the local library?

So this entry is especially for:



http://jk9.qlnk.net/ #glmagic





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2:39 pm - Still entering computer contests
<a href=”http://www.jakeludington.com/life/2008/official-hp-magic-giveaway-announcement/”>Jake Ludington’s HP Magic Giveaway</a>

yep that's the one

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Monday, December 1st, 2008
10:49 am - Etsy
Found treasure!

This site is super cool!  It's like ebay but for the crafter!

I have my own shop at www.goddessofknitting.etsy.com

For any crafter out there is an awesome site to visit.  Go and check it out!

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Sunday, November 23rd, 2008
7:49 pm - Poem The Physics of Love
The Physics of Love

Love is stronger than Strong Force
        (you can't let it go a nanometer)
The smallest separation is cataclysmically huge

Love reaches father than any gravity well
        (can't escape from orbit)
Pulling stronger than ant black hole
        (everything melded into dense hot matter moving as one)
Farther reaching than any star

Love is electromagnetic
        (even as we draw together sparks fly)
Love generates it's own field
        (moves more than iron hearts)

Love is never weak
        (but it can weaken)
Love is the simplest of maths
        (but some how incalculable)

1 + 1 = i
       (imaginary number; real love)
me + you
       (and the strongest force in the Universe)

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Sunday, November 16th, 2008
7:51 pm - Really Good Weekend
I'm not sure how this weekend will get any better.  I obtained some fantastic yarn (SWS wool/soy silk) for a $1.50 a skein.  A DOLLAR FIFTY A SKEIN!!!!  I made my first sale on Etsy (I've only had my shop open three or four days)  --- Oh oh side note:  I now have a shop open at Etsy www.goddessofknitting.etsy.com where I am selling handknit items, fiber parphinalia, and beaded items--  I sold a spinning kit, which is just too cool.  Making money and sharing the joy of fiber!  Bwh ha ha ha!  Then I got this great deal on Jojo harmony yarn $13 dollars three skeins, with shipping!  Woot woot!  

Now, now I have a job interview, for a permenate teaching position!  Oh yes.  This the way it is meant to be!  Obama will be President, job prospect is looking good and I will be knitting, knitting, knitting for the coming Christmas.  All is right with the world!  Loves to all!

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Monday, November 3rd, 2008
8:31 pm - Barack Obama's Campaign (How I learned to Relax and love politics)

I consider myself a nice person and a good Christian. I am not a very traditional Christian, but I feel very spiritual and often listen to my heart (in which God lives) to guide my path. Like all religious people I can slip off my chosen path, and in the recent political climate it is quite easy to become angry and bitter, especially with a president who does not reflect even the most basic of my beliefs. I found myself screaming myself horse at a man who claimed I was a “baby killer” because I am democratic. I will not lie, I do not like McCain, and I cannot imagine what I will do if he gets elected, but I have become tired of being angry and upset. This came to a head as I watched one of Obama's speeches. He mentioned McCain and one of his policies, everyone booed, instead of lapping it up and encouraging it, instead he calmed everyone down, “now, now, we don't need to do that, we just need to vote.” This, this was an Epiphany, capital E. If this man who is getting harangued more than I ever could, and did not want to turn to anger or negative campaigning, then why could I not do the same?


I was no longer against McCain (though I still dislike him greatly) I was for Obama. When I talked to people I did not talk about what I did not like about McCain (everything) but what excited me about Obama. As the days passed I continued my new outlook and found myself relaxing. Life wasn't about how bad it would be if McCain won, but how great it would be if Obama did. I volunteered more, my whole day tomorrow from 5am to 8 pm is devoted to this election. Obama changed the way I view the world, and the way America should look at politics. I do not know if he affected anyone else in this way, but I can walk away from this campaign with a light heart knowing that I took the higher path, and was better off for it.

I hope that everyone out there takes the time to vote (no matter who) and that you walk away from the voting booth as light-hearted and happy as I.

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
3:57 pm - Poem: A Rare Fair Weather Day
A Rare Fair Weather Day

A sudden spring breeze,
that cool blast of air,
this summer day is beautiful and fair.

Where did the summer sun fly
for these low lying clouds that fill the sky.

We must celebrate now, this beautiful day,
for soon the southern sun will chase it away.

There is no more time for poetry, only for play.
So come out now and join me, I say!

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Sunday, December 9th, 2007
11:50 am - Fic: Five Doctors House Never Interviewed 1/1

Title: Five Doctors House Never Interviewed

Spoilers: None

Rating: PG

Characters: House various crossover characters

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.

<lj-cut text ="House never did like doing interviews">

Dr. John Carter

House eyed the svelte dark haired doctor with the huge honker of a nose and finally decided that the blather was through. The small talk, the 'I became a doctor to save people', the 'I want to learn of the best' fawning. Okay so the last part was true in the fact that he was the best but really he didn't need anyone to point that out to him. So House interrupted him, not that he'd been listening anyway. “Cut the bullshit, why do you really want this job?”

House watched with glee as the man, Jack Crater or some other equally boring name floundered for a second before he seemed to collect himself. “The truth is Dr. House, I want this job because, well because two and half years ago I was stabbed at work by one of my patients. I got addicted to painkillers after that, but I finally got my act together and have been clean for five months. I just, I needed a clean break from my old job and my family. Really - dealing with a manipulative old man who also just happens to be the best diagnostician in the country is just a bonus.”

The world.”


You said the best diagnostician in the country but it's best diagnostician in the world.”

Well since this country is part of the world my statement is still true.”

House nodded, “I concede the point. However I'm still not hiring you.” Crater opened his mouth to protest but House cut him off, “If you think that it's because you were addicted to painkillers, then well, you’re mistaken. After all, that would be hypocritical of me.” House pulled out his Vicoden and took a few, mostly for the drama, also mmmhh bitter. “No, I'm not hiring you because you cleaned yourself up. And NA's and AA's are notorious for their attempts to convert the unfaithful.” House shook his head sadly, “No I'm afraid that I just can't have your holier than thou's face around me. Sorry, you'll just have to find a new Daddy replacement. Next!”

Dr. Mark Sloan

House watched as a white haired older gentleman with a stupid grin plastered all over his face walked in. House hated him instantly. House was known for disliking people for just generally existing, but never had he felt such hatred garnered so instantaneously. It was possibly the fun, bouncing air of a amateur magician, or the grandfatherly kindness that he seemed to radiate, or no, no it was definitely his stupid, stupid bowtie. Really, honestly who wears a bow tie these days?

Hi there.” God his voice was like grating glass on his nerves, “I'm here for the interview.”

Alright then. There's only one thing I really need to know, c'mon a bowtie? No one wears a bowtie anymore. You look like a clown!”

Okay so not his best work, but hopefully enough to send this man running for the hills, but House watched in shock, as Grandfather Doctor just chuckled at him. Chuckled. At. Him. God. Then, then he actually pulled a fake red clown nose from his pockets. Jesus! He probably visits the Peds ward to entertain the poor dying chemo kids. Surprisingly the red nose somehow managed to detract from the annoyingness that surrounded the man. “I have been known to play a clown for the kids sometimes.” Then he started rambling about some thing...that - does this - frankly House wasn't paying attention, but he couldn't look away either, it was like a damn elderly train wreck.

Somehow the octogenarian doctor seemed to pick up on his uninvolvement and for the first time in the interview frowned, “Shouldn’t you be asking more pointed questions for your article?”

The question seemed to jump start his brain and he finally clicked on the fact that this man had just wasted 20 minutes of his life. Did he even look like a newspaper reporter? Well enough of this, “OUT!!!! Get out! Right Now! Out!” House prodded him with the cane when he didn't start moving fast enough. Damn geriatric doctors.

Dr. Janet Frasier


"Why what?" The woman was petite but from the no nonsense sort of expression used to dealing with unruly patients.

"Why do you a fellowship? Your CV reads like a gift from God. You could get an attending position anywhere, so my question to you is why?"

The petite doctor drew herself up to her considerably short stature and frowned in such a way that reminded House of how he imagined McGonagall, not that he would ever admit to reading Harry Potter. "Well, I'm a damn find doctor if that's what you are trying to hint around, but then we both know it isn't. I could tell you something like I'm looking for a change of pace, but that would be a lie." She seemed to deflate a bit, just a sigh of air but her larger than life persona seemed to disappear entirely and she looked so much smaller than before. When her eyes opened House recognized the look in them. A look he had seen in the eyes of some of his father's friends. The look of someone who had seen war. But there was no mention of that in her CV. When she spoke her voice was missing the steel that it had previously, all it contained now was tiredness. "The truth is, I'm tired. I'm tired of death, of emergency, of making all the hard decisions. I want to spend more time with my daughter, I want someone else to help bear the burden of patient care. I want this fellowship."



"No. Go get yourself a nice partnership in a private practice. I can't imagine what you were doing before that would make this job be a step down but if you want to give up the adrenaline junkie lifestyle, this isn't the job for you."

Dr Robert Chase (Dr. Sam Beckett)

"Is Ziggy sure about this? All I have to do is interview with this House guy?"

"Noooo." Al drawled, "Ziggy says you have to interview with this House guy and get the job. 85% chance."

"Okay." Sam steeled himself, looked in the mirror and was shocked. "Jesus! How old is this kid? He looks like he's fourteen! And his sense of fashion is terrible!"

"Ever since that jump into a supermodel...his shirt looks fine..."Al trailed off and finally let out a huff of air and settled. "His name is Robert Chase. He's 24. Specialty is Intensive Care. Oh. Oh. His father is some big shot doctor. A rhum-rhuma-rhumatologist. What the heck is a rhumatologist?"

Sam stared intensely into the bathroom mirror, absent mindly he responded to Al's question, "a rhumatologist is a doctor that studies the immune system." Sam traced the outline of his face in the mirror and muttered quietly to himself, "who are you Dr. Robert Chase?"

Sam turned from the mirror. "So when is this interview?"

Al punched a few buttons, and his eyes widened momentarily, "two minutes! Jesus! Quick Sam!" Al hurriedly called up the schematics for the hospital and started to direct Sam with the fastest way to House's office. Sam had no problem keeping up or running the three flights of stairs. *Man this body is fit!* Somehow Sam managed to skid to a stop in front of House's office with no time to spare. Composing himself Sam poked his head in around the door, "Dr. House?"

The older man behind the desk didn't even look up from his Game boy. "If you can't read the name on the door then this interview is over."

Sam grimaced, so this wasn't quite what he had in mind. "No I could read the door, but just because someone's name is on the door doesn't mean that the person behind it matches, though there is a better than average odds that it does."

"Well you better than average odds has payed off. So," Dr. House spins around and tosses his Gameboy off to the side. Mockingly he asks, "Why should I hire you?"

Oh God. Sam just had no idea how to answer this. What could he say the truth? 'Oh you need to hire me because if you don't it will change the face of the future for the worse.' Sam glanced around the office, TV, games, balls, toys, it was an office that was littered with attention getters. "Because," Sam winced, "because I'm not boring?" God couldn't he show a little more confidence?

"Prove it." The old man's eyes glittered, shining with glee at his school yard prompt.

"uhh," Sam turned and walked further into the room and wandered around to buy time. Picking up a Rubix cube he wandered over and sat down ideally playing with it.

House sighed and seemed to lose a bit of interest. "Your father called me."

"So?" Safe answers Sam. Boring answers. He winced internally.

"It was about whether or not I should hire you."

"I didn't ask him for a recommendation." Sam crossed his mental fingers with hope

"Well it'd be even worse if you did. He told me not to hire you."

Sam glanced up at Al who was looking over the desk for some kind of help. Al looked up and shrugged helplessly.

Sam sighed, how was he suppose to fix this. "Look. If you want to hire great, if not then I'll just go." Sam tossed him the Rubix cube. "But frankly you don't strike me as the kind of person who lets other people dictate their actions." Sam got up stiffly and started out the door, mental fingers crossed.

House stared down thoughtfully at the completed Rubix cube. House watched as Chase walked out. He did have a very fine ass. Well he could always fire him later. He'd call tomorrow or actually later tonight if one still counted 3 am as today and tell Chase about being hired.


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Sunday, November 18th, 2007
1:52 pm - Fic: Finding God 1/1
Title: Finding God 1/1
Author: Goddess_of_7s
Summary: Missing scene from “Lucky” not really any spoilers though.
Rating: G
AN: This takes place where the episode left off. If I missed something really important about Reid's beliefs at the beginning of the episode I'm sorry but Mom was attempting to burn the house down.

Collapse )

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Saturday, September 29th, 2007
12:25 am - Fic: Rebuilding the World Live Free or Die Hard fanfic 1/3
Title: Act 1 Rebuilding the World
Summary: Live Free or Die Hard might have ended for Gabriel, but it was just the beginning for everyone else.
Warnings: Mentions child abuse, rape, violence and cussing
Rating: R
AN: This is about as graphic as it gets. There will be no graphic sex scenes, Matt will not be getting together with Lucy. Holly and John will not be getting together but neither am I going to ignore 20+ years of relationship that lies between them. Matt/John UST will be reached at some point in the future. It will not be graphic or over done. Their relationship is not the point of the story.

Collapse )

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Monday, June 25th, 2007
8:50 pm - apologies to all (and some politics)
Very and Truly Sorry

For everyone that actually reads my journal I'm sorry for not posting recently. Unfortunately I injured my back and fell behind in my classes. I've not had a chance to breath let alone write. My summer secession ends at the beginning of Aug. so hopefully I'll be able to make some inroads on Chasing Ghosts and Far Too Human. Hopefully no one will be too mad, and that my lovely beta will welcome me back with open arms.

The Road to Freedom is Paved with Gravel

The political scene has never really been for me, but I sure like Mike Gravel as a candidate. I actually feel like campaigning. Weird. The guy is totally for gay rights, the fair tax, education reform, ending the Iraq War, pro-environment and pro-choice and perhaps the biggest plate form stance... is the fact that he's for Democratic reform. That means that he thinks all of America should vote on our major laws so that we are truly democratic. That pretty much means that I'm pro Gravel.

Socio-Economic Collapse of Society

I've been saying that there will be a socio-economic collapse in the future (not like those cardboard toting hobos I mean in a few years but still...) anyway here's this fantastic article Clusterfuck Nation by Jim Kunstler This is actually keyed up to my comment, but just scroll up for the whole article.

Sorry again to everyone.

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Saturday, February 17th, 2007
8:28 am - Fic: Far Too Human 5/?
Well! Here we are. Finally getting somewhere! Who else is excited? This part is for jadesfire2808 who met, very aptly I might add, my Fic Challenge of DOOM, Doom, doom!

Title: Far Too Human 5/?
Summary: Fall out from Revelations. What exactly happened to Spencer, and where does he go from there?
Spoilers: The Big Game, Revelations, LDSK, basically every episode.
AN: I was watching Stir of Echos. Thinking about Reid and this is what happened.
AN2: I'm starting this three months in. That means that the next part should be happening right after Revelations, sorry that's just the way it works. Suck it up.
AN3: Things might seem a bit disjointed. That's on purpose. Not exactly from Reid's perspective, but to try and give you a picture of what's happening to him.
AN4: Big big thanks to Marilea! Who has attempted to bludgeon into my head comma usage.

Special AN: For those of you confused to the time frame we are about three weeks from the time of Revelations.

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Friday, February 16th, 2007
5:16 pm - All Hail the Great Jadesfire!
Yes! Tis true! Someone as accepted and met my great and terrible Fic Challenge of DOOM Doom doom!!!! The great jadesfire2808 had written this story Over the Wine. Not only does it meet all the requirements (hefty indeed) she does it very well. Plus she apperantely can't decide on her prize, so you guys should read it, review it, and make a recommendation.

Link to jadesfire2808 LJ

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Thursday, February 15th, 2007
11:56 pm - Fic: Arghhh! Me Maties! 1/1
Okay seriously, this is a weird fic...and umm kinda stupid. That being said writing it I laughed so hard I cried, so hopefully you guys will find it funny too.

Title: Arghhh! Me Maties!
Summary: Umm yeah if you haven't guessed—it's a pirate fic.
Rating: PG
AN: You must go to this you tube site and watch the video of MGG as a pirate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t51BTUyFVHA (note the video is rated R for language)
AN2: This is the site about the Flying Spaghetti Monster-- http://www.venganza.org/

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12:40 am - Fic: Far Too Human 4/?
So is anyone watching that new show Shark? 'Cause I totally had a fic idea and tried to track down a LJ or an archive that housed some Shark stuff. Couldn't find a thing! Maybe I'm a pioneer in the Shark fandom! How cool would that be? Anyway if some one has some information to add please feel free. On the Lortabs note, there's like different levels, I remember my dad would take Lortabs 3 and 5. He used to say that Lortabs 3 were so weak that he could have them on toast for breakfast. I don't mention the strength of the Lortabs, because I'm not a doctor and I don't prescribe drugs, but I can tell you that my Dad had tons of medical problems and like ten medication and the fact that he could have Lortabs seems to me that they aren't too interactive with others and they have to be pretty gentle on the liver since his was shot. BTW Sorry this part is so short.

Title: Far Too Human 3/?
Summary: Fall out from Revelations. What exactly happened to Spencer, and where does he go from there?
Spoilers: The Big Game, Revelations, LDSK, basically every episode.
AN: I was watching Stir of Echos. Thinking about Reid and this is what happened.
AN2: I'm starting this three months in. That means that the next part should be happening right after Revelations, sorry that's just the way it works. Suck it up.
AN3: Things might seem a bit disjointed. That's on purpose. Not exactly from Reid's perspective, but to try and give you a picture of what's happening to him.

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